#What is cysteine hair treatment, costs, pros &amp cons

Ladies will, in general, utilize diverse hair rectifying and pressing techniques for fixing their hair, which makes hair dry, feeble and harmed. Cysteine treatment is one of the advanced and most secure techniques for getting smooth, sleek and solid hair. It has gotten its name from ‘cysteine’, which is an amino corrosive in charge of fixing and fortifying your hair.

The strategy of cysteine hair treatment

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  1. • Firstly, the beautician will wash your hair completely and expel all the earth and oil from it.
  2. • At that point, your hair is set to dry for next 20-25 minutes.
  3. • Further, the beautician applies cysteine complex smoothening cream all over your hair with the exception of the roots.
  4. • With the assistance of a plastic film, your whole hair is secured and left to dry for 30 minutes.
  5. • The following stage includes drying your hair with the assistance of a hair straightener.
  6. • Lastly, the beautician cleanser’s your hair and applies conditioner to it.

Cysteine hair treatment aftercare routine

In spite of the way that cysteine treatment is very protected, you can’t do it on the off chance that you have experienced some other hair medications inside the range of two months. You have to utilize exceptional after consideration items, for example, shampoos, serums, and conditioners proposed by the hairdresser. You have to abstain from utilizing hair items that contain sulfate as it diminishes the impact of cysteine treatment and may harm your hair.

Cost of cysteine hair treatment

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Cysteine treatment is a long method and the beautician or cantina individual need to chip away at each strand of your hair. The entire procedure incorporates cream application, washing, fixing, and cleaning. The expense of cysteine treatment relies upon a few factors, for example, hair length, selection of items, salon cost and so on. Contingent on the hair length, cysteine treatment can cost you somewhere in the range of Rs.5000 to Rs.12000 in a good salon. Proficient hair specialists can even cost you all the more relying on their aptitudes and expenses. On the off chance that you don’t wish to spend much on costly salons or hairdresser, you can do it all alone with cysteine hair treatment pack. Additionally, remember that you have to purchase extraordinary hair care items after cysteine treatment that may run from Rs.1000-Rs.3500 relying on the brand and quality.

Aces of Cysteine treatment

  1. • It gives you sparkling, smooth and straight hair.
  2. • Your hair progresses toward becoming frizz free and more sensible than previously.
  3. • It is sheltered, as it doesn’t contain unsafe synthetic substances formaldehyde.
  4. • Unlike keratin treatment, your new developed hair won’t twist up. Due to this, the contrast between your treated hair and ethnic hair is unnoticeable.
  5. • The common amino corrosive in cysteine item reinforces your hair and shields it from outer harm.
  6. • Even pregnant ladies and individuals with hypersensitivities can benefit it with earlier specialist’s endorsement.

Cons of Cysteine treatment

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  1. • It is costly when contrasted with other hair medications.
  2. • You can’t utilize ordinary items, as you have to utilize exceptional after consideration items that are very costly.
  3. • The impact of the treatment goes on for 3-4 months as it were.
  4. • You can’t do cysteine hair treatment on the off chance that you have experienced some other hair medications before 2 months.
  5. • You need to restrain the introduction of your hair to sulfate hair items and chlorine water.