Steve Hilton: 3 things Trump needs to do in 2020 if he wants to stay in the White House

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We need to focus on what’s at stake in November.It’s a fact that President Trump built, on multiple measures, the greatest economy we’ve ever seen, with more Americans working than at any time in our history and the lowest African-American and Hispanic unemployment in history.President Trump built the lowest overall unemployment in 50 years. Wage growth for the lowest-paid was higher than the rich every single month.ROB SMITH: 5 WORDS TRUMP CAN USE TO HELP WIN THE AFRICAN AMERICAN VOTE IN 2020
Household income gains dwarfed the president’s two predecessors, $400 under Bush, a thousand under Obama, $5,200 with Trump.
China’s cheating was challenged for the first time in over five decades of establishment rule. This was one of the consequential policy turnarounds in American history, recognizing and confronting the China threat, and making this the new consensus.
A manufacturing jobs boom, pro-worker trade deals, energy independence, skills for the modern economy. All this and more was cut off in its prime by the coronavirus shutdowns.
Now, the policies that delivered it before will deliver it again. The innovative Trump conservative populism we talk about: pro-business on tax and regulation, pro-worker on trade and immigration, but that is all at risk if the Democrats win in November.
Biden says he’d reverse the Trump policies on tax, regulation, trade and immigration. If you reverse the policies, you reverse the outcomes.You’d be back to the pre-Trump era where the rich got richer and the workers got screwed.Biden calls it normality.
For American families, it’s a catastrophe. But it’s worse than just putting the Trump economic revival into reverse.Biden’s new policy platform is the most leftwing agenda ever put forward by a major political party in this country.
By the way, that’s not conservative propaganda, it’s how Bernie Sanders describes the Biden policy program. And Bernie should know, he wrote it.
They will decentralize policy on housing, schools, the economy, everything in Washington. That’s not just stupid and inefficient. It is fundamentally un-American.The only person who can stop this loony left dystopia is Donald J. Trump. Not just because of his own reelection, but because Senate candidate fortunes rise or fall with him, too. He has to get this right.The 10th Amendment enshrines the principle of decentralization in the Constitution. Today’s Democrats would throw it out the window. They want to rule without constraints. Keep the House. Take the Senate. Take the White House. Abolish the legislative filibuster, so they only need a simple majority. Biden caved to the left on that just this week.
Give statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico for a permanent Senate Majority.Gerrymandered districts to shut Republicans out of power in Washington and state capitals.Pack the Supreme Court for permanent control of the Judicial Branch.
Add it all together, the economic illiteracy, the centralizing madness, the constitutional vandalism. We’d see a 70s-style economic slump and stagnation, rampant bureaucracy and assault on freedom in America.We’d be sunk.
The only person who can stop this loony left dystopia is Donald J. Trump. Not just because of his own reelection, but because Senate candidate fortunes rise or fall with him, too. He has to get this right.More from Opinion
This week, he shook up his campaign. And you can see why, by looking not at the polls, we know they are often wrong and rigged, but the betting markets. Look at this.
For months despite all the media screaming about Trump and the virus, the betting markets thought Trump was going to win. And then it turned around in early June right after the protests.
Of course, a Biden presidency is not a done deal, not by a long way. There’s time for another Trump comeback. But it’ll take more than a new campaign manager. There needs to be a new campaign strategy.
Here’s my memo. We know the media are totally dishonest and part of the Biden campaign team, but don’t make life easier for them. Voters won’t hear the president’s election arguments unless they feel he’s on top of the health and economic emergency.
So item one is get a grip of both. On coronavirus, whatever we may think about the media’s misinformation on case numbers and the death rate, still lower here than many major countries. Show the administration is in control. Resume the daily Taskforce briefings, but with Mike Pence as the face of the federal response. Save the president for big announcements.
For example, one of the things local officials say stopping them opening schools is a lack of decent air quality equipment. The president could invoke the Defense Production Act to get it made here in America.Remember Carrier Air-Conditioning? That was a great moment in 2016.
On the economy, of course, it’s true that the best thing we can do is reopen. But in the end, that’s a state and local decision.This is the election reality. Millions of Americans are unemployed and facing hardship.Congress starts talking about the next relief bill on Monday. But the president should be in the lead with some clear priorities.
Do not bail out badly run states. That’s not about punishing blue states. It’s about all states getting their house in order.Here is one specific example. On certain public sector retirement benefits, per resident, California spends 24 times as much as Colorado and 60 times as much as Oregon.
Billions of dollars could be saved. No federal money for California, unless it makes the kind of reforms you see even in Democratic-controlled states that are well run, like Rhode Island for example.
Use that money to put the help where it’s really needed. And if there’s one word that captures that it is rent. Rent for tenants, rent for companies.
Trump is the perfect president to get a grip and strike a deal. No politician understands the real estate world like he does.
The Federal Eviction Moratorium expires on July 25th. Unless something is done, we could see millions of Americans in the months ahead unable to afford their homes; potentially, families being thrown out on the street through no fault of their own, or having their electricity, gas or water cut off.
Millions of small businesses who can’t earn money but still have to pay rent. And then the landlords with no rent coming in, but their own bills to pay out. Unless this is dealt with, it could totally derail the president’s reelection campaign.
For those who are working, I totally agree we should suspend the payroll tax and of course any emergency payments should not dis-incentivize work, but whatever happens, we’ll need some rescue money for struggling people and businesses. The president should insist they actually get it.
Many workers are still waiting for unemployment checks to arrive. States have shown they can’t handle it.The president literally predicted this exact situation.
Back in April, he said he wanted the money to be paid directly not by the states, especially because some of them have useless technology. So send the money directly this time.
Now, getting a grip of the health and economic crisis is the first step in getting the president reelected. But there are two other vital points.
This president has always been controversial, but one of the main reasons he won in 2016 was that he was constructively controversial.For example, when he made his famous statement about banning travel to fight terrorism, the entire establishment lost their minds. But that controversy helped the Trump campaign.
It told voters three things: This guy is serious about controlling immigration. He is serious about keeping us safe. And above all, he’d bring real change, not the same old P.C. nonsense we’ve had for years.
This week, the president and his team made similarly big positive policy moves, scrapping environmental regulations that have been stifling our economy since 1970 to get infrastructure built. It’s a massive long term jobs boost.
And for right now, Ivanka Trump’s new jobs initiative, Find Something New. It’s packed with practical steps to help anybody who is unemployed find a job. Detailed guides to the fastest growing professions, their salaries, the training you need to get there.CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTER
We’d have to be following the news incredibly closely to be aware of either of these. Why? Because they weren’t controversial. And the media loves controversy. — There’s no one on Earth who understands that better than Donald Trump.
What most people actually heard this week from the president wasn’t about jobs or regulations or infrastructure, it was about the controversies — feuding with Fauci, something about beans.
Look I’ve criticized Fauci many times. I agree about the Goya CEO, but I’m a commentator, the president is a participant with actual responsibility. Use controversy constructively to lead – not comment, to highlight things that will help defeat the Democrats.
Pick fights over trade, China regulation, immigration, taxes, things that actually affect people’s lives.
And here’s the third point. Remember the moment things turned the wrong way in the betting markets just after the protests?Of course, it’s true that we have to fight the mob and defend America. But there’s a way to do it that brings voters in and a way that turns them off.
The president has gotten a lot of terrible advice on this front. It doesn’t matter what TV hosts think. With all due respect, in terms of getting Trump reelected, it doesn’t matter what you think because I’m guessing most of you reading this will vote for the president anyway.
The only thing that matters are the uncommitted voters who will help Trump win in Arizona, in Florida, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Maine — the places this election will likely be decided.
Let me put it bluntly, because the pain that working Americans would feel from a Biden presidency and the damage to our democracy from a Democrat takeover is too great to mince words.
Appealing to the Fox News audience is not enough. The base is not enough. But just as with the travel ban in 2016, that doesn’t mean diluting the populism, it just means making it positive.Teach our kids to love America, make our economy self-sufficient. American workers first. Police reform not police retreat. School choice for everyone.Make America great again for all.
Positive patriotism, not snarling and angry, but full of hope and optimism. The country is crying out for it.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM STEVE HILTON