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Leg mehndi configuration is a critical piece of wedding convention in India. Ladies of any age are partial to applying mehndi for their legs on weddings just as other social and religious capacities like Eid, Diwali karva chauth, rakhi and so forth. Agile mehndi structures on the legs can be of different kinds like Indian, Marwari, Rajasthani, Pakistani or Arabic. The legitimate leg mehndi plans will upgrade the elegance and appeal of the legs.

Popular leg mehndi structures of blooms going up to the calves in twists looks magnificent. It is a straightforward henna structure which can be set aside a few minutes. These plans can be made with cones loaded up with mehndi or with a solid stick.

Best arabic mehndi plans for legs

Since the subject for Mehndi plans is Bridal here so the principal picture presents out to be the best decision. The reason it has been alluded to as bundle is on the grounds that the plan is a manifestation of everything that is a piece of marriage, illustrations of lady of the hour, prep, elephants and examples that characterize eminence. On the privilege is one more Bridal Mehndi Design which is about gems designs that certainly searches lovely for each lady.

Peacock Heads and Patterns or Peacocks and Shehnai

The main Leg mehndi configuration is an only lovely Leg wedding Mehndi plan which is unrealistic. No big surprise one who has practice can just put it to flawlessness. Both the feet have same examples precisely at a similar spot. While the other mehndi configuration has shehnais, a necessary instrument for wedding festivities alongside peacock heads which at any rate dependably look exquisite.

Checkered Patterns and Floral Pattern as Mehndi Design

Why not make limits that have either flower or checkered examples be normal? Feet mehndi structures have a decent history of uniqueness, and the magnificence of which lies in the hands of the practitioner. You can really make limits of various shape and size, at that point fill those with checkered examples or little blossoms.

Paisley Print Leg Mehndi Design

Paisley plans look ethereal when put into Henna and afterward drawn, this is the reasons why paisley prints are never a lot as Leg mehndi structures. This Bridal Mehndi Design for legs has solid enumerating with impeccable paisley designs alongside the dash of blossoms. You can likewise make a wristband like plan for the lower leg, which resembles a customary anklet on the lady of the hour.

Mehndi Designs that resemble some extravagant footwear

Did you overlook the occasions when ladies used to wear conventional extravagant jootis on their big day? Well what could be a superior switch than some extravagant Mehndi structure that untouchables conventions like no other. Both the photos on the above have a blend of examples, some place it is Gol Motif though one has semi-roundabout theme. This Leg mehndi configuration is particularly associated with Arabic Mehndi Design.

Coordinating Mehndi Design for hands and feet

This one is no new design and it looks exceptionally present day just as sweet. The entire thought of this Feet mehndi configuration is to wear precisely same examples/plans that both the hands of the lady of the hour has. You can either run with simply flower examples or paisley examples or blend of both. What else is a fascination here is the arm jewelery like plan after continuous interims of examples.

Lower leg Length Mehndi Design with solid fringes

Best dulhan mehndi structures for hands

The red alta is by and large what ladies or lady of the hour to be wear for their wedding service, however think about what you can wear it with some solid leg mehndi plans above it? The lower leg length mehndi plans may have any example or bloom or tikka, however the side outskirts is the thing that emphasizes it wonderfully. You can either run with making circles or verdant structures.

Jaali Mehndi Design or Diagonal Flowers Mehndi Design

The Jaali work has been as of late picking up such a large amount of fame with regards to Bridal mehndi plan for legs. It is a mind boggling structure which can be loaded up with squares or run of the mill spots. They are beautiful to take a gander at and you can supplement it with any examples of your own. Then again, there is this moderate form which includes the Diagonal Floral leg mehndi structure which is just about blooms of all size.

Gol Tikka Mehndi Design and Semi-Circular examples for Legs

The Gol Tikka is one famous leg mehndi structure and it looks exceptionally lovely given it has appealing layers to it. Drawing gol tikka one after other and afterward adding strings to it that achieve the toes, makes a gems like impression. Then again is the semi-roundabout examples as Bridal Mehndi structure on Legs. It is alluring and complimenting it with blossoms and peacock heads is an incredible decision.

Roundabout Motif Leg Mehndi Design

This specific Leg mehndi configuration has got its cause from the Arabic Mehndi structure and furthermore has parts of Indian Traditions too. The Circular Motif in the center whether huge or little is the fascination point. The Bracelet like example with customary ringers loaded up with blooms is without a doubt a treat.

Jaali Mehndi Design with fragile examples

This sensitive mehndi plan in addition to the fact that time is taking requires sheer persistence and flawlessness. Somebody who has a decent hand at applying Mehndi can just give it life. It has Arabic structures of blossoms and leaves, alongside that it has imprison print on the front. Keep in mind wearing a shocking shoe to display this marriage leg mehndi plan.

It is about Patterns put to Perfection

This mehndi configuration has been conveyed to a drawing in point simply because of the examples that have been done delightfully. No big surprise it has peacocks, paisley prints and blossoms yet without that one example everywhere throughout the legs this mehndi configuration would be simply vacant.

3D Style Leg Mehndi Design and Floral Mehndi Design

Best dulhan mehndi plans for legs

One picture has a one of a kind 3D style mehndi plan though the other picture has botanical mehndi structure. The 3D one without a doubt requires diligent work and experienced hands for application though the botanical mehndi configuration is progressively similar to “do it without anyone’s help” type. Both have an alternate look, however both are persuasively lovely.

Brilliant Mehndi Design

Brilliant mehndi Designs have turned out to be extremely well known recently and it is the new age that has been loving it. Running with blossoms is the best decision to make when you have bright topic at the top of the priority list.

Lines for Legs or Peacock Story Mehndi Design

Going all lines as example for your Bridal mehndi Design for your legs isn’t such a terrible thought. Rather it will be all extraordinary and great. Or on the other hand, you can likewise stick to one topic like Peacocks and proceed with that for your legs everywhere.

Mirror Work Mehndi Design

Making a great many with one fringe separating the two will be a noteworthy hit just on the off chance that you choose to stick some mirror on your mehndi. On the off chance that not reflect, little stones will look sweet as well. This mehndi configuration has an amalgamation of various examples set up together magnificently well.

The South Indian touch to your Bridal Mehndi Design

The picture on the privilege has a specific plan which has an average South Indian source. This mehndi configuration settles on an ideal decision for each lady this wedding season as it isn’t simply rich yet in addition stays aware of the moderate form also. Though alternate has a hot outskirt with peacock work in the center.

Full Leg Bridal Mehndi Design

Nothing thinks about to the magnificence of full leg mehndi for the lady of the hour, likewise it is the hardest. Covering the whole legs with mehndi structures of all assortments remembering that all of which looks extraordinary together is one hell of a thought. All you require is persistence to keep and the correct outfit to parade the Mehndi Design.

Pakistani Mehndi Design and Gol Motif Mehndi Design

Great mehandi structures for your excellent hands

A major Gol Motif and lotus blooms before the finish of the leg mehndi configuration is all you have to take the show. On the off chance that you are a lady of the hour this season, picking creative dull dark Pakistani Mehndi plans is the slightest you can improve the situation your legs. They are appealing and a la mode.

Traditional Indian style Mehndi Design

Some traditions in your mehndi design is what adds more to the ceremonies and functions of your wedding, it adds culture. With this Indian style mehndi design for legs for your Bridal look is exactly what you need to accentuate your bridal attire stunningly. This leg mehndi Design is a caricature of chequered patterns and jali prints.

Peacock Leg Mehndi Design and Leg Jewelry Style Mehndi Design

We can never get over Peacocks and its appeal, this is the motivation behind why running with peacock structures for your Bridal Mehndi is an extraordinary decision. The fascination and excellence lie in how masterfully the peacocks have been drawn and embellished. Or on the other hand, there is dependably a decision to make Jewelry like plans for your legs with blooms and leaves.

Semi-Circular Flowers and Paisley with Patterns

This one is like Paisley and botanical leg mehndi plan; the territory of contrast and appeal anyway is the checkered examples that have been utilized to fill the paisley figure just as blossoms.

Anklet Style Mehndi Design

The adoration for wide anklets can never get old among ladies, particularly not when they are the lady of the hour to be. Thus, this wedding season use henna to make expansive anklet like structure which has excellence, sovereignty and contact of advancement. You can likewise make anklets one over another abandoning some space in the middle.

Random Paisley and Peacock Mehndi Design

Frequently do we perceive how comparative a paisley plan and a peacock head resembles. Along these lines, why not utilize it to play recreations on the lady of the hour to-be’s legs as a creative mehndi plan. By Games we mean, drawing them in a steady progression leaving no space vacant, much like an authentic find the stowaway. You can likewise pick designs for embellishing the toes or where the Mehndi closes.

Identical representation Mehndi Design

Top botanical mehandi plans for hands

Drawing a mehndi structure or any example such that when the legs are set together, it would appear that a mirror copy is a one of a kind alternative to stick to. Other than that, you can make gigantic Jali picture on the two legs with some roundabout blossoms.

Gol Motif and Paisley Mehndi Design

A major Gol Tikka amidst the leg and a lower leg like plan right where the toes begin, is an entirely decision to make (simply like in the image above). What’s more, for the territory over the lower legs, essentially draw enormous paisley plans and brighten your preferred encompassing zone with any example.

The Leafy look to Mehndi Design

Leaves can whenever turn into an extraordinary instrument to embellish your wedding mehndi structure for legs, if you know how. The one in the image despite the fact that has numerous different examples, however it is the verdant example and improvements that is looking for all the consideration.

Armlets and Motifs as Mehndi Design

This one is especially like what has just been depicted above, however there is one-point worth seeing is that every one of the toes have same examples over them. The Mehndi configuration is smooth and smart.

Wedding Mehndi Design as set

Much the same as two-piece attire set, gems set even Bridal Mehndi Designs accompany sets. Rather than going diverse for hands and legs, there is a set you can pursue for your legs that some place or alternate has portrayals of mehndi plans of the hands. It looks exceptionally hot and charming too.

Peacock and String like Pattern as Mehndi Design

Much the same as we said Peacocks Mehndi Design can never get old or exhausting or excessively. You can embellish it with various examples inevitably. This Mehndi Design has string like examples with squares recorded in, making it look like precious stones.

Most recent Indian style mehndi structure

Gujarati mehndi/henna structures for hands

The blend of round and square shapes and different embellishments may set aside opportunity to be connected on your feet. The plans cover every one of your toes, lower leg and the part above it. The darker shaded mehndi works best for this print. On your marriage day, you can utilize this mehndi style for your feet.

Appealing Moroccan mehndi plan

It has made a dazzling look to your feet. The little squares, loaded up with four specks, and distinctive different embellishments have made everything stunning. In spite of the fact that it looks unpredictable, we imagine that you can structure it effortlessly with your mehndi pen.

Leaves and flower structures for feet

On the front part of your feet, you can discover little triangles, made with mehndi of different darker shades. There are likewise blooms of different plans, and long leaves, which have included a dash of magnificence and feel. On two feet, you can make comparative structures.

Eye-getting peacock structure

Various peacock faces are drawn on the legs, and it adds consistency to the structure. Squares and specks are the basic highlights of this structure. You need to set aside opportunity to make every one of the prints precisely. You may likewise attempt to give a bend to this plan.

Sparkling and beautiful leg mehndi

The use of shading has made this mehndi configuration appear to be unique. This is a symmetrical sort of prints on both your legs. Fill the little heart signs with the pink hues, and these are best for any wedding service. Draw every one of these structures appropriately to make the look progressively appealing.

Imaginative leg mehndi

Best mehndi structures for legs

This mehndi is on your toes and on the fringe of your feet. The net-like plan on your lower leg has given a pinch of advancement. At the focal point of your feet, you can make a hover with adornment. This structure can make anybody feel that you have worn anklets.

In vogue leg mehndi structure

The general style comprises of botanical and dynamic examples put in a cunning way Mehndi is viewed as propitious in India, Pakistan, and Arabic nations. Its utilization is made on weddings and other social and religious capacities and occasions.

Wonderful full leg mehndi plan

This  is a long example made of all around shaded blossoms and  leaves running up the whole leg the profound dark of the mehndi emerges against the lighter shade  and makes the petals look practical. The shading  adds profundity to the picture

Inborn leg mehndi structure

This is basic however looks beautiful.  The unique examples of various shapes put at legitimate spots gives the structure an ancestral look.The specks and spirals in the plan  look like diamonds dangling from gems.

Round leg mehndi structure

It looks refined, elegant  and delightful. It has a round structure in the middle and different shapes to finish the full plan.

Gujarati leg mehndi plan

This is a detailed plan that is unpredictably point by point. It gives a fancy look and is for the most part settled on weddings. The plan resembles an anklet beautifying the feet.

Glittery leg mehndi plan

Best mehndi plans for legs

This is a cutting edge slant design that is hued or shaded with sparkle. The sparkle makes the plan look dynamic and more attractive.The configuration is anything but difficult to make

Wedding leg mehndi structure

This is extremely intricate, increasingly point by point and decorative. There are numerous complicatedly point by point groups that include effortlessness and magnificence the lady of the hour’s feet.

Adorable leg mehndi structure

This is a straightforward and charming plan which is a thin curving  line running  like a verge on the edge of the feet. This example is for the most part loved by high school young ladies.

Delightful leg mehndi structure

It is a creative looking structure with blossoms and precious stone molded examples. It is simple however extremely complicated and requires tolerance. The general picture is clear. It doesn’t look affected or jumbled.

This excellent example is one of the Mehndi structures for leg which is very exquisite and willadorn a lady of the hour’s feet. The weave plan on the feet which covers the entire territory on the feet does not look jumbled. It is a blend of customary and current examples set up together.

A Peacock plan with mehndi looks extremely exquisite on the lady of the hour’s feet. The spaces left in the middle of figures make the structure clear.

Best blossom mehndi structures for legs

Henna on sides of the legs looks lovely and gives an alternate look to the feet. It is an imaginative plan with blooms and petals giving an exceptionally present day and exquisite look to the feet.

The most recent pattern in mehndi on the feet is to adorn the mehndi structure with included hues and shines. It improves the magnificence of the plan without losing the significance of genuine mehndi convention.

Another mehndi structure of the leg with sparkles and pearls in the middle of the example is astounding. The structure on the fingers is many-sided however the perfect inclination plan on the highest point of the foot makes the plan refined.

This mehndi structure for legs looks extremely rich and will make any lady feel like a ruler. The mind boggling structures and little subtleties are striking. It has an anklet


As found in the plans above mehndi structures for feetis a very lovely and gives embellishment to the female body. The bottoms of the feet are a decent place for henna as the skin is thick and the shade of mehndi turns out pleasant and profound. Plans for feet in India are very surprising from the ones connected on the hands. There are no firm standards to the structures. A few ladies like to put mehndi on the legs from toes to the shin, giving the look of a stocking, others may apply it like anklets, and others settle on a plan that graces the magnificence of the footwear.