#Beauty benefits of applying face pack, face mask

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Glow-getting, pore-clearing, blemish-busting… Face packs and face masks promise a plethora of healing and curing qualities for the skin.

However, have you really ever considered the truth behind this clever marketing and whether these products can really and truly help?

The answer is yes!

Natural face packs for dry skin

Some of us dislike the time-consuming element that coincides with this skincare regime. If you are too exasperated at the time it takes to make your own homemade remedy or are simply too impatient to wait the required amount of time to reap the full benefits of the mask, then you may not be seeing the full potential of these products.

So, let’s dive into the science behind these treatments and take a clear look at the benefits of using face packs.

Healthy Eating: Don’t Just Eat Your Greens

Face packs and masks can be used by everyone and anyone – you just need to find the right mix of ingredients and let them work their magic. Choosing the correct type of face pack to suit your skin and treat whatever ailment you are combatting is the key starting point to boosting effectiveness.

Everyone is aware that a healthy diet is integral to a healthy system and this shows in the skin, however, sometimes healthy eating isn’t entirely enough. With external factors affecting your skin such as pollution, dust, the sun, make-up, genetics, the weather, and allergies it is important to give your body some extra help.

So, don’t just eat your greens – wear them too! Vitamin boosting skin packs are available for a reason, so make the best of them by pampering your hard-working pores with these magical ingredients.

Soak It All In

The simple act of soaking is an effective way to unroot stubborn blocked pores, remove dirt, excess oil and hydrate parched skin. If your skin is dry then any moisture-based face pack is the perfect treat for your skin, if your skin is oily then opt for a clay-based mask and you will soon unearth a healthy and glowing face.

Sit Tight

Fairness face packs

The majority of skin products are adept at washing away impurities and grime, but large and open pores are a magnet for more dirt. Face packs which are packed with collagen boosting ingredients are ideal for encouraging collagen growth which is perfect for ironing out wrinkles as well as plumping up the skin, reducing pore size and tightening up any troublesome spots.

Worth The Wait

Patience is a virtue but not always everyone’s strong point. Some face packs can be pretty time consuming, not to mention a bit messy and uncomfortable.

However, the science behind how a skin mask works may well encourage you to summon some extra tolerance.

The dirt that fills your pores is actually potent strains of bacteria that is multiplying continuously. This bacteria is what is responsible for pimples, blackheads, breakouts and blemishes. By ensuring that you leave the face pack or face mask on for the recommended amount of time you will ensure that every micro-organism is destroyed, and this can help you combat a variety of skin ailments.

The drying process of the skin pack also acts as a ‘glue’ to remove dead skin cells and detritus.

Another option is to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the mix to encourage relaxation.

Messy Masks

Papaya face packs for fairness

Face masks can be a messy endeavor. It can sometimes get stuck under your ears, around your neck or hairline and can be a nuisance to remove entirely without taking a shower. Some top tips for this involve:

  • Use the face pack around 15 minutes before you are due to take your bath or shower so that you can kill two birds with one stone.
  • Whilst not leaving the pack on for the required time can reduce its efficacy, leaving it on for too long can be problematic too. Set a timer and stick to it.
  • Try using a brush or sponge to apply the face pack as this will reduce the product ending up everywhere.

Spending your hard-earned money on expensive lotions and potions is rarely enough to guarantee beautiful and flawless skin. Add face packs and face masks to your skincare regime for that added, invaluable boost!